Riverside Campground

2023 Rates & Reservation Requests

Camping Rates
Rates based on a family of two adults and two children under the age of 18.
(All sites with FREE Cable TV and Free Wi-Fi)
Type of Site Daily
Holidays & Little League World Series
Holidays & Little League World Series
Riverfront, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 1, 2, 3, 6
Premium Pull-Thru, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 18-23
Small Pull-Thru Near River, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 13-17A
Back-In Below Deck of Pool, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 41-49
Pull-Thru Beside City Park, 50 amp Full Hookups
Sites 114-122
All Other Back-In Sites, Full Hookups $55.00
Tent Camping Area (no water or sewer) $25.00 $150.00
Bring Your Own Bedding & Linens for a Cabin Stay
No Smoking, Dogs, Cats or Other Pets in Cabins.
Camping Cabins available April 15 - October 15.
Mini Cabins 4 & 5 $40.00
Large Loft Cabins 1 & 2 $60.00
Small Loft Cabin 3 $45.00
Full Service Cabins 6 & 66 $90.00
Additional Rates
Monthly and Seasonal Rates Available Please Inquire
Extra Adult per night $5.00
Extra Child per night (Over 5) $3.00
Children Under 5 FREE
Adult Day Visit with Pool Pass $5.00
Youth Day Visit with Pool Pass (ages 5-17) $3.00
Credit Card Service Fee 5%

Tent Camping: The tent camping area is along the stream. There is no water or electric in the tent area. The rate is $25.00 per tent for 2 adults and 2 children each night. Additional children are $3.00 per night and additional adults are $5.00 per night. Bathrooms and showers are close by in the laundry building.
2 Mini Cabins: Each at $40.00 per night. Each mini cabin has two twin beds, air conditioning, lights and a small deck.
2 Large Loft Cabins: Each at $60.00 per night. Each has a full bed and twin bunk, air conditioning, small deck. Bathrooms and showers are nearby in the laundry building.
1 Small Loft Cabin: $45.00 per night. Has a full bed and twin bunk, air conditioning, small deck. Bathrooms and showers are nearby in the laundry building.
2 Full Service Cabins: $90.00 per night, includes up to to 2 adults and 2 children. The cabins have two full size futon couch/beds with twin bunks above, air conditioning, toilet, shower, sink and refrigerator. Bring your own bedding. Two night minimum stay. One night non-refundable deposit required for cabins.

Campers must register at office before setting up.
Weekly, Monthly and Club rates available upon request.
Stay for 6 nights and get the 7th FREE!
No motorized vehicles will be allowed for children under the age of 18. No exceptions!

Reservations & Cancellations:

There are now TWO WAYS to reserve a campsite online at Riverside Campground.
If you would like to see which sites area available and choose your own site, please use this link:

Book Now

If you would like us to help you choose a site, please use the form below on this page, allowing up to 24 hours for our response.

Reservations: Our Reservation Request form can be submitted to reserve Campsites. You may also call the office between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm, 570-547-6289.
One RV or Tent per site. You may request to use small tent for same family on site if site size permits. Each site is for 2 adults and 2 children. Additional guests are $5/day for adults, $3/day for children. Cancellations with less than 2 weeks notice are not refundable, LLWS & Holiday reservations are not refundable, all reservations cancelled with 2 weeks notice will be charged $25 fee. Reservations cancelled with less than 2 weeks notice are not refundable.
Cabins: Two night minimum stay, one night deposit required.
Holiday Campsites & Cabins: One night deposit required for Campsites and Cabins during the holidays.
Little League World Series: Full pre-payment is required, with no refunds. Be sure of your reservation request.
Tent Sites: The Primitive Tent Camping Area does not require a deposit or reservation. Just come to the office to check in between 1:00 and 6:00 pm. One tent per site. Tent size is limited during the LLWS.
Check-In time is 3:00PM. Check-Out time is 2:00PM for campsites. Check-Out time is Noon for cabins, with no exceptions, due to cleaning time requirements prior to the arrival of the next guests.
Major Holidays & Little League World Series: Slightly higher rates apply for Holidays and LLWS. Two night minimum stay. No discounts and no weekly rates.

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