Riverside Campground

2021 Rates & Reservation Requests

Camping Rates
Rates based on a family of two adults and two children under the age of 18.
(All sites with FREE Cable TV and Free Wi-Fi)
No weekly rates available for holidays and Little League World Series dates.
Type of Site Daily Weekly
Riverfront, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 1, 2, 3, 6
$65.00 $390.00
Premium Pull-Thru, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 18-23
$60.00 $360.00
Small Pull-Thru Near River, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 13-17A
$55.00 $330.00
Back-In Below Deck of Pool, 50/30 amp Full Hookups
Sites 45-49
$55.00 $330.00
Pull-Thru Beside City Park, 50 amp Full Hookups
Sites 114-121
$50.00 $300.00
All Other Back-In Sites, Full Hookups $50.00 $300.00
Tent Camping Area (no water or sewer) $25.00 $150.00
Bring Your Own Bedding & Linens for a Cabin Stay
No Smoking, Dogs, Cats or Other Pets in Cabins.
Camping Cabins available April 15 - October 15.
Mini Cabins 4 & 5 $40.00 $240.00
Large Loft Cabins 1 & 2 $60.00 $360.00
Small Loft Cabin 3 $45.00 $270.00
Full Service Cabins 6 & 66 $90.00 $540.00
Additional Rates
Monthly and Seasonal Rates Available Please Inquire
Extra Adult per night $5.00
Extra Child per night (Over 5) $3.00
Children Under 5 FREE
Adult Day Visit with Pool Pass $5.00
Youth Day Visit with Pool Pass (ages 5-17) $3.00
Credit Card Service Fee 5%

Tent Camping: The tent camping area is along the stream. There is no water or electric in the tent area. The rate is $25.00 per tent for 2 adults and 2 children each night. Additional children are $3.00 per night and additional adults are $5.00 per night. Bathrooms and showers are close by in the laundry building.
2 Mini Cabins: Each at $40.00 per night. Each mini cabin has two twin beds, air conditioning, lights and a small deck.
2 Large Loft Cabins: Each at $60.00 per night. Each has a full bed and twin bunk, air conditioning, small deck. Bathrooms and showers are nearby in the laundry building.
1 Small Loft Cabin: $45.00 per night. Has a full bed and twin bunk, air conditioning, small deck. Bathrooms and showers are nearby in the laundry building.
2 Full Service Cabins: $90.00 per night, includes up to to 2 adults and 2 children. The cabins have two full size futon couch/beds with twin bunks above, air conditioning, toilet, shower, sink and refrigerator. Bring your own bedding. Two night minimum stay. One night non-refundable deposit required for cabins.

Campers must register at office before setting up.
Weekly, Monthly and Club rates available upon request.
Check-In time is 3:00PM. Customers renting a campsite may come as early as 1:00 PM without additional charge, if the site is no longer occupied by previous guests.
Stay for 6 nights and get the 7th FREE!
No motorized vehicles will be allowed for children under the age of 18. No exceptions!

Reservation & Cancellation Policy:
Campsites for RV:
Call or use Online Reservation Request to reserve Campsites.
Deposits are not required except for Holidays and LLWS. No weekly rates for Holidays or LLWS.

Two night minimum.
One night deposit required.
No refunds with less than 2 week notice.
$10 service fee if cancelled with more than 2 week notice.
Major Holidays & Little League World Series: Slightly higher rates apply for Holidays and LLWS.
Two night minimum stay on Holidays and LLWS.
Holiday Campsites & Cabins: One night deposit required for Campsites and Cabins during the holidays.
No refunds with less than 2 week notice.
$10 service fee if cancelled with more than 2 week notice.
Little League World Series: Full pre-payment is required, with no refunds. Be sure of your reservation request.
Rates during the LLWS are for 2 people. Additional people over the age of 5 yrs. are $5 per night.
Payment may be by check. With Credit Card use there is a 5% fee.

Tent Sites:
The Dry Tent Camping Area does not require a deposit or reservation. Just come to the office to check in.
Tents in Dry Tent Camping area during the LLWS are limited to size. One tent per family.

One RV or Tent per site. You may request to use small tent for same family on site.
Check-In time is 3:00PM. Check-Out time is 2:00PM for campsites. Check-Out time is 1:00 PM for cabins, with no exceptions, due to cleaning time requirements prior to the arrival of the next guests.


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